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At Elders Financial Planning Geelong we take pride in motivating our clients to take ownership of their financial future and to have a clear vision of how to live your lifestyle of choice.

We love investing and everything finance, but more than that we take an interest in what’s important to you and your family. Our approach is all about goals based investing; they are your goals and it’s our journey done together on how best to achieve them over the short, medium and long term.

The first step is to know that you want more out of life, so while you are thinking about it right now, there is no better time to discuss what’s important to you and your family.

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 Financial Planners & Advisors Geelong

It’s impossible to predict the future and financial woes can often deter from our ability to enjoy the present. Here at Elders Financial Planning Geelong, we can ease your woes and help you to take firm control of your financial future.

As experienced financial planners, we offer specialist financial advice services, helping clients to take ownership of their financial future according to their specific goals. As the best financial planning Geelong team, we offer a goals-based approach to investing, exploring your short-term, medium-term and long-term options.

As the best financial advisors Geelong wide, we are best placed to advise on a variety of different financial needs. Our expert financial advisor Geelong team can advise on the following areas of finance:

The Best Financial Planners in Geelong

The Elders Financial Planning Geelong team are recognised as the leading investing financial planners in Geelong when it comes to the area of investing and wealth creation.

You will meet with one of the most experienced financial advisors in Geelong who will complete an analysis of your current situation, highlight possible opportunities and offer strategies to help you achieve your financial goals.

Financial Advisors offering Wealth and Family Protection

If you become sick, injured or pass away, it is important that a sound strategy is in place to ensure that such incidents have as minimal a financial impact as possible on your family.

As the leading Geelong wealth and family financial planning company, Elders Financial Planning Geelong offer personalised advice and financial planning services in relation to wealth and family protection.

Elders Finance Superannuation & Retirement Planning

We also offer expert superannuation financial advisory services in relation to superannuation and retirement plans.

Our financial experts help clients to develop strategies that maximise your potential return and minimise the internal fees and taxes that you pay on your superannuation, enabling a more comfortable retirement.

Elders Financial Superannuation Pension & Retirement Income Advisors

Maximise retirement income and enjoy a stress free retirement.

A specialist from our financial advice Geelong team can sit discuss and develop strategies to ensure that you will have the income that you need to live comfortably once you enter retirement.

SMSF Trustee Advice by Elders Financial Advisors

Take full control of your super fund with the best SMSF financial planner Geelong wide.

Here at Elders Financial Planning Geelong, we can help you to start a new Self-Managed Super Fund or ensure that your existing fund is best positioned to maximise return.

Centrelink & Aged Care Financial Advisors

Do you need to apply for a Centrelink Age Pension or do you have a decision to make about a relative’s Aged Care Facility needs?

The Elders Financial Planning Geelong team can help to make difficult decisions a lot easier and maximise your Centrelink Age Pension and if entering an Aged Care Facility reduce their daily care fees.

Centrelink & Aged Care Financial Advisors

For more information on any of our financial and money management services, call the Elders Financial Planning Geelong team today to discuss your needs.

Take a big step towards securing your financial future and call us today.

As your local financial planners, Elders Financial Planning Geelong have your best financial interests at heart. It’s our aim to give you the information and tools you need to take ownership of your own financial future, together with the confidence to develop a clear vision of the kind of lifestyle you want to lead. Elders Financial Planning Geelong are the financial planners that really cares about your financial future and success.

It’s one of the reasons why Elders financial planning has gained an enviable reputation as the Geelong financial planning company that really care about doing a good job, and helping people like you to get their financial plannings on track.

The Geelong financial planning company that really cares about your financial future and success

One reason we’re known as the best financial advisors Geelong has available, is down to our commitment to giving our clients personalised financial advice.

We love investing and finding new ways to make YOUR money grow, but we want you to be completely happy with the financial decisions you make for you and your family.

That’s why we put the what’s important to YOU at the heart of any financial advice we give, and why we’re the financial planners Geelong families prefer for a tailor-made and unbiased service.

Achieve your financial goals with the best financial planning Geelong has available

When it comes to financial planning, Geelong based Elders financial planning have built a thriving business on our clients’ success. After all, if you’re not reaping the rewards that clever investment and shrewd financial planning can bring, then we’re not doing our job properly.

By taking into account your current circumstances, your attitude to risk and what you want to achieve, we’ll use our considerable experience and expertise to help you realise your short, medium and long term financial goals.

Take control of your financial future with sound financial advice from Elders financial planning

None of us can predict the future. However, we can take control of our financial future with sound financial advice and astute financial planning. As the leading financial planner Geelong has available, we’ll give you all the tools and advice you need to help you take firm control of your financial plannings, and ensure that all aspects of your future financial plannings are covered.

Whether you want to save for school fees, for retirement, to buy a house, you need life cover, or you just want a nest egg to make sure unexpected expenses are covered, with our financial advice, Geelong families will feel safe and protected.

Expert financial advice in Geelong on all aspects of financial planning

Money may not grow on trees, but it definitely makes the world go round, and making your hard-earned dollars really work for you is essential if you want to successfully navigate all the events life can throw at you.

At Elders financial planning, we offer expert financial advice on all aspects of financial planning, from saving for a house, getting married and starting a family to paying education fees, starting a business and providing for retirement and aged care. We want you to feel in control of your financial plannings throughout your lifetime.

After all, that’s the kind of financial advisor Geelong residents prefer when it comes to entrusting them with their money.

Showing you the best ways to invest your money, create the wealth you deserve and protect your family

As the most respected financial advisors Geelong-wide, Elders financial planning have an enviable record of helping people just like you to invest wisely and create the wealth you deserve. And that process starts with a thorough analysis of your current financial situation. Only then can we use our knowledge and experience to recommend financial products and strategies based on your circumstances and financial goals.

We’ll also help you to plan for the future and protect your family should the worst happen. After all, there’s nothing guaranteed in life except death and taxes. However, with sound advice and clever planning, we’ll help you to ensure that there’s minimal financial impact for your family.

Of course, once you have your financial plans in place, we offer regular reviews to ensure that your money is still working hard for you and to assess whether amendments or new strategies are required to address any changes in circumstances.

Plan for your retirement with our superannuation and retirement planning advice

By choosing to work with the best financial planner Geelong has available, you’ll gain access to all the tools and information you need to enable you to choose when to retire.

Our expert superannuation investment advice will empower you to understand superannuation and retirement planning, plus we’ll help you to develop sound strategies to maximise your potential return while keeping fees and taxes to a minimum.

We want you to have the financial plannings you need to enjoy your retirement and enjoy the fruits of your labours – stress-free.

Alternatively, we can help you to start a new SMSF to give you peace of mind that you will be able to retire comfortably. As a Self Managed Super Fund Specialist Advisor with the SMSF Association of Australia, we guarantee that you’ll get the very best advice.

Contact us on 03 5245 8088 or 0458 008 008 for expert SMSF Trustee advice, and take control of your Self-Managed Super Fund now.

Don’t just dream of your retirement; take steps to make those dreams a reality.

Looking after your aged care needs or the care needs of your loved ones

We understand how stressful it can be when it comes to paying for aged care. As Centrelink and Aged Care financial advisors, Geelong based Elders financial planning can help you to maximise your Centrelink Age Pension and reduce daily care fees if you or your loved ones enter an Aged Care facility.

It’s just another reason we’re known as the most trustworthy and caring financial advice company in Geelong.

Take control of your financial future: Call Elders Financial Planning Geelong today

No matter what stage of life you’re currently at, we’ll work with you to develop strong financial strategies that will not only help you to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals but that will be there to protect you and your family when needed.

It’s never too early or too late to take steps to secure your financial future, so call us today on 03 5245 8088 or 0458 008 008.

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