At Elders Financial Planning Geelong we take pride in motivating our clients to take ownership of their financial future and to have a clear vision of how to live your lifestyle of choice.

We love investing and everything finance, but more than that we take an interest in what’s important to you and your family. Our approach is all about goals based investing; they are your goals and it’s our journey done together on how best to achieve them over the short, medium and long term.

The first step is to know that you want more out of life, so while you are thinking about it right now, there is no better time to discuss what’s important to you and your family.

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Financial Planners & Advisors Geelong

It’s impossible to predict the future and financial woes can often deter from our ability to enjoy the present. Here at Elders Financial Planning Geelong, we can ease your woes and help you to take firm control of your financial future.

As experienced financial planners, we offer specialist financial advice services, helping clients to take ownership of their financial future according to their specific goals. As the best financial planning Geelong team, we offer a goals-based approach to investing, exploring your short-term, medium-term and long-term options.

As the best financial advisors Geelong wide, we are best placed to advise on a variety of different financial needs. Our expert financial advisor Geelong team can advise on the following areas of finance:

The Best Financial Planners in Geelong

The Elders Financial Planning Geelong team are recognised as the leading investing financial planners in Geelong when it comes to the area of investing and wealth creation.

You will meet with one of the most experienced financial advisors in Geelong who will complete an analysis of your current situation, highlight possible opportunities and offer strategies to help you achieve your financial goals.

Financial Advisors offering Wealth and Family Protection

If you become sick, injured or pass away, it is important that a sound strategy is in place to ensure that such incidents have as minimal a financial impact as possible on your family.

As the leading Geelong wealth and family financial planning company, Elders Financial Planning Geelong offer personalised advice and financial planning services in relation to wealth and family protection.

Elders Finance Superannuation & Retirement Planning

We also offer expert superannuation financial advisory services in relation to superannuation and retirement plans.

Our financial experts help clients to develop strategies that maximise your potential return and minimise the internal fees and taxes that you pay on your superannuation, enabling a more comfortable retirement.

Elders Financial Superannuation Pension & Retirement Income Advisors

Maximise retirement income and enjoy a stress free retirement.

A specialist from our financial advice Geelong team can sit discuss and develop strategies to ensure that you will have the income that you need to live comfortably once you enter retirement.

SMSF Trustee Advice by Elders Financial Advisors

Take full control of your super fund with the best SMSF financial planner Geelong wide.

Here at Elders Financial Planning Geelong, we can help you to start a new Self-Managed Super Fund or ensure that your existing fund is best positioned to maximise return.

Centrelink & Aged Care Financial Advisors

Do you need to apply for a Centrelink Age Pension or do you have a decision to make about a relative’s Aged Care Facility needs?

The Elders Financial Planning Geelong team can help to make difficult decisions a lot easier and maximise your Centrelink Age Pension and if entering an Aged Care Facility reduce their daily care fees.

Get in Touch with the Best Financial Advisors & Planners in Geelong

For more information on any of our financial and money management services, call the Elders Financial Planning Geelong team today to discuss your needs.

Take a big step towards securing your financial future and call us today.

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Advice Areas

At Elders Financial Planning Geelong we really focus on what you want to achieve out of life and having the money at the right time to live your best life possible. We like to do this whilst removing some of the volatility, which basically means smoothing out the financial journey for you.

In life we often have different advice needs based on our age or stage of life. Our advice when coupled with our ongoing service ensures that we establish a trusted partnership with you.


Life Stages

No matter what stage of life you are living, Elders Financial Planning Geelong will work with you to ensure that if certain life events occur, we will develop strategies to enhance your situation.

Life Event Tips


Ongoing service program

Elders Financial Planning Geelong understands the importance of putting in place an ongoing planning process to help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

This process is underpinned by a commitment from both Elders Financial Planning Geelong and you, and supported by a tailored service program that helps you remain on track.

About Us

Brendan O'Rourke

Brendan O’Rourke Senior Financial Planner | SMSF Specialist Advisor™

Brendan’s journey began in the Financial Services Industry in 1985 and he has been a qualified Financial Planner since 1996.

Brendan holds an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and is qualified as a Self Managed Super Fund Specialist Advisor with the SMSF Association of Australia.

He specialises in providing advice for clients that need assistance in the following areas: Retirement Planning, Superannuation Investment Advice, Self Managed Super Fund Trustee Advice, Investment Portfolio Advice, Centrelink Planning and Aged Care Advice.

He wakes up every day with a glass half full attitude, an eternal optimistic that can see the positive in all things. Maybe that is the reason he still supports Richmond Football Club after many years of pain, hoping that one day they will come good.

Brendan’s belief is that you never achieve anything in life without putting in the time and energy required to achieve success.

If you dream of a comfortable retirement, for most people it will remain a dream unless they dedicate time to make it become a reality.

He is a passionate adviser, that treats his clients with respect and cares about what his clients want to achieve in their life.

If you would like a relationship with someone that spends time with you finding out what you actually want from your life, then give him a call.

Brendan is the owner and director of Elders Financial Planning Geelong authorised representative no 330763 of Elders Financial Planning Pty Ltd.